We’re launching a new shop with some 3D printed RC products for sale. I got a 3D printer earlier this year because there’s always been parts I wanted (mostly RC related) that I would have to ask my cousin to print for me.

Then came wanting parts that no one else had made yet, so I spent over 10 hours watching youtube videos on how to use Fusion 360 to design my own parts.

The first thing on my list was a bumper mount for the Slash to hold a flag. Sort of the way monster trucks do:

Photo Courtesy K&N Filters
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Let’s customize a jump quick-and-easy with a stencil and some spray paint.

One of the best things about off-road RC vehicles is jumping. And when you’re just bashing in the street or the yard, jumps are tons of fun. One of the best accessories I’ve added to our Slash fleet are these 1080 jumps. They’re best found at garage sales or craigslist – often for half the price of new.

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Rally cars are amazing. If you boil it down, they’re basically suped up cars you would see on the road. And they can jump!

There’s a small but loyal group of rally R/C enthusiasts that have seen a number of RC rally cars come and go over the years. For me it began with the HPI RS4 Rally, originally released in 1998. Continue reading

Before I get into any questions like “What the heck is a split phase intersection and why would you have a favorite?” Let me give you some back-story… I’ve been attending a series of workshops revolving around State Highways 65 & 47.

I’ve got several opinions about these roads and their intersections, and one very loud opinion that we don’t need both to act as expressways, we just need one.

Luckily, I learned at the meetings that my fellow residents share the same opinions! I was delighted at the first two meetings. Do I think MnDOT will actually listen? Probably not, but that’s when we’ll sick Mayor Lund on them 🐕

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