Today I’m going to be unboxing the new Dell XPS Developer Edition for 2019. I just got this in the mail – super excited. I believe the number is 7390. Check it out!

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I used to be a season ticket owner of the Minnesota Vikings. It was expensive. Also the owners seem crooked, and so does the NFL, and many of the players. So when I stopped paying for football season tickets, I replaced them with Minnesota Orchestra season tickets.

That was back in 2013-14, and we didn’t renew the orchestra tickets for the next couple years. Jessi was getting more involved with winter guard, which presented several scheduling challenges. I realized I missed it… dearly.

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After a full year of my son and I racing our 2wd Slashes in the “Spec Slash” class, I wanted to record everything we’ve broken, fixed, upgraded, and replaced. I’ll also include a setup sheet of what we landed on being a fairly consistent indoor off-road carpet track setup.

Spec Slash rules differ by track, so check with your local track(s) before you buy anything. Some allow replacing stock plastic parts  with RPM brand replacements, some do not. If you race at multiple tracks, better to error on the side of caution and stick with stock parts. I’ve included both parts here for reference.

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I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with sunglasses. I want nice ones, but I’m very penchant for breaking or losing them.

One brand I’ve been leaning towards lately is Tifosi. In the world of cycling, the tifosi is the italian word for their fans. It literally means those infected by typhus, so you could consider them to be rabid fans.Continue reading