I had a client who contracted a Chinese firm to do some development for them. When they came to me, they cited the language barrier as one of the reasons they were having a hard time getting their ideas into production. SUPPLIES! Translation: Surprise (but not a surprise to me). So the first order of business was moving their code repository stateside.
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Jessi got me a Kindle Touch for my birthday and of course I have been geeking out, looking for free/cheap content to put on it, so I can put it through the paces. I thought I’d share a couple freebies.

According the GNU Free Documentation License and Creative Commons Attribution licenses for the GNU Emacs Manual and Version Control with Subversion (respectively), I’m within my right to reformat – in this case from HTML to mobipocket e-book format – and redistribute these works free of charge:

GNU Emacs manual – Richard M. Stallman

Version Control with Subversion – Ben Collins-Sussman,_Brian W. Fitzpatrick

If Emacs or SVN seem too old school or “so last year” for you (again, respectively), I recommend getting the very professionally done – and also free – Pro Git book.

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As a 4-year veteran to the Overnight Website Challenge, I’d like to share some of my personal rules.  I’m not going to tell you what platform to use, what revision control is best — well, actually I will, but at a later date.  We’re here to discuss one thing:  sleep, and lack-thereof.
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