If you haven’t yet purchased a Turnigy 9x, you might want to instead consider the 9XRPro which already has upgraded firmware, backlit screen, expandable memory, and is telemetry ready. Or even better get the Taranis X9D which has built-in telemetry and supports s-bus protocol for super-fast response.

But if you already have a Turnigy 9x or got one on the cheap, here are a few things you should do to it right away as they’re all free or very inexpensive and will make your 9x experience much better.

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So, I started a new job. Besides actually leaving my home to at least occasionally go into the office, the other big change is I’ve been given a brand-spanking-new MacBook Pro to use (our shop is a part of the Apple Consultant Network).

While using Linux professionally for the last 13 years is sort of coming to an end, Linux certainly isn’t going away from my life, especially after using it almost exclusively at home for 20 years.

The MacBook is still a BSD unix system at heart – with some great hardware, and a lovely, albeit sometimes frustrating, user interface laid on top. Mac enthusiasts might abhor that the only application I set to launch on boot is the terminal. This article is not for them, because in old-school fashion I’m going to cover installing and using Emacs and some other extras in OSX.

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I got super-cheap HK-T6A V2 6-channel radio for my first model airplane. It’s great because it’s programmable using a computer and a specialized USB cable. Using the USB cable, you can also play simulators such as FMS and RC Desk Pilot (among others). Did I also mention it’s dirt cheap?!? After I built another plane and also purchased a small multi-rotor, I quickly realized the need for a transmitter that could handle multiple models. The Turnigy 9x fit the bill. I kept my old HK-T6A for using on the simulator and now my son will use it to fly his FT Flyer. The 9x has a trainer switch and a trainer port, so I wondered if I could buddy-box these two radios. There’s plenty of information out there regarding modifications to buddy box two HK-T6As, but using the 9x as the master and the T6A as the slave seems like it would only require a specialized cable with no modification to either radio. Continue reading

First of all this is really just a bunch of poppycock. You don’t need any of this stuff to enjoy real maple syrup at home. In 2015 I had done a cook very shortly after some very heavy sap collecting days. This yielded the lightest syrup I had ever made, so Jessi encouraged me to enter it in the Minnesota State Fair competition.

Maple Syrups
Light Amber Maple, far right

It was fun and I’d like to improve on my process a little, but doing these things by no means should preclude you from enjoying real maple syrup.

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