I got this thing from Hobby King for just $20!

I’m sure there’s some nay-sayers out there who will talk about “glitching” and yadda-yadda, but I’ve had less problems with this radio than my entry-level Spektrum DX2E which is 3x the cost.

It has a bunch of poorly documented features, but they’re features none-the-less (the instruction manual is simply terrible).

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Here it is, a list of how to get into on-road R/C racing in two different classes (your choice) on the cheap. I’ll update this list and go into detail about the the components I find important. Mostly I wanted to make a list of everything I’ve purchased to keep things honest.

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We got Marlo a Y Glider scooter for her 2nd birthday. At 18 months, I had already seen her try to take up scootering at the community center. Also, she refused to walk until the 21 month mark, although clearly she knew how to stand up and walk. She just preferred to scoot, earning her the nickname “Scootio”

Jules enjoys riding Marlo’s scooter as well, but I told him he can only ride it until he turns 6. At that point, I’ll turn him loose on an old-school Variflex Strada scooter I’ve had in the shed for some time.
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My son Jules has really taken to R/C driving – and crashing. My formerly pristine Subaru WRX body has officially been put through the ringer:

So I asked Jules what sort of body he would like – hoping that I could save the Subie body from further destruction. ButĀ heĀ has a hard time gettingĀ pastĀ the fact that lexan bodies are clear and can be painted in any color scheme, so he’s often influenced by the presentation color rather than the shape. Unable to get him to commit to something, I made an educated guess.

Mighty Mini

When we race at the Twin City On-Road Club inĀ Cottage Grove duringĀ the winter, he usually winds up running in the Tamiya Mini B-main if there’s not enough people for a novice class. We even discussed getting him a Tamiya Mini at one point.

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