I only have some cheap FPV gear, but if I were to go all the way, I would get the Skyzone 3D FPV googles and camera, or maybe just a craft big enough to carry an old GoPro Hero 2 3D rig.

Sure it seems like a gimmick, but 3D FPV seems like a natural pairing. Until I win the lottery and can afford a Skyzone setup or even a rig large enough to carry an insane 3D GoPro rig, I’ll just have to live vicariously through others.

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Many would argue that the golden age of R/C buggies in the 1980s was truly golden, a standard set by Team Associated’s RC-10 – a racing buggy which featured a gold-anodized aluminum tub. As a kid, I couldn’t afford an RC-10. I kept hacking away at my intermediate Kyosho Raider, upgrading parts piecemeal as I could afford them. But my friend Adit convinced his parents to buy him an RC-10. He had never driven one, but he knew it was the best – probably because I told him so. Continue reading

A friend I met while living in Las Vegas would say something is “Life Changing” when it’s better than good. It’s the best thing you’ve ever experienced in that realm. So much that it would cause you to mend your life, and alter your ways.

It can apply to anything. Caribou Coffee’s hot chocolate is good, but you can get life-changing hot chocolate at Angelina’s in Paris near the Louvre.

Since the 2017 WGI season is kicking off, it’s fitting I share a story about a drumline show that for me was life changing. It all coincides with my first trip to WGI. I’ve loved winter guard and winter drumline since I first saw them both in 1993. But strangely, my first pilgrimage to Dayton for WGI finals was in 2016 for percussion and winds finals.

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I told Jessi that I think her spirit animal is a grandmother. I mean that in an endearing way because her grandma Nancy was the best. Recently, Jessi’s favorite drink has been a cocktail from yesteryear: the Old Fashioned.

I’m not thrilled about the Old Fashioned mixes you get at the liquor store, mostly because you never really know what they put in them. So I decided to make my own.
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I can’t say enough about pascallanger and others who have worked to put together the open source 4-in-1 multiprotocol module. It’s a collection of all of the transmitter protocols that are open source, or have been reverse engineered, compiled into one. Combined with the 4-in-1 module hardware, you can control a huge variety of models with different receivers and protocols with the same transmitter.

With my 9x and the 4-in-1 I’ve been able to fly:

  1. Inductrix (Tiny Whoop) bind-and-fly (DSM Protocol)
  2. Assault 100 (HiSky HT-8 Protocol)
  3. FT Flyer with FlySky receiver
  4. FT Snowball with FlySky receiver
  5. FT Tiny Trainer with HobbyKing HK-T6A-V2 receiver (FlySky protocol)
  6. XK K110 bind-and-fly micro-heli (Futaba SFHSS Protocol)

It will work with several other protocols including SLT for AnyLink models and RealFlight simulator.
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