16 Months

I had no intentions of going so long without posting anything. We’ve been busy and I’m a jerk, really. Sorry, friends.

Jules, you are 16 months and now a professional walker. No more crawling unless it’s under the table to reach something or push a car.

We got your hair cut for the first time a few weeks back and you cried like it was pure TORTURE! It was over in less than four minutes but that was four minutes too long for you. Even with a cool ball to hold on to, a sucker, bubbles and any other trick they could think of to get you to stop crying. What worked was her being done.
She trimmed you up without looking too grown up and put all your hair in an envelope for me.


During the torture

After, at home

You’re a great sleeper, 12 hours a night. You are still a good eater but starting to get picky with some things. You LOVE bananas and ask for them all the time! You love little cars and sleep with stuffed animals. Binkies are mostly gone but you’ve been so sick lately so I give it to you for comfort. And speaking of sickness, you have some sort of virus and haven’t been yourself for a while now. We can’t wait til you’re back to cute, normal self.

You have weighed 22lbs for almost six months now but grew three inches! You’re between size 12 and 18 month clothes. You love to put your shoes on and you love to be outside pushing your stroller. Good thing we live in a cul de sac with no traffic.

I showed everyone how well you sign. I’m not sure if you’ve added any new words but you have definitely added more signs. You now sign:
fish (sometimes)
You understand train and bath but those are a tad difficult to sign.

We bought you Signing Times and Baby Signing Times and you LOVE them. They are nice and short (about 20 minutes), have catchy tunes and easy signs. (I got them at babysteals.com. If you haven’t been there, you’re missing out. Visit kidsteals.com too.)

You now love books and bring them to us to read. Anytime you see a dog or a horse or anything with four legs in a book you immediately sign or scream “Doggie!” It’s cute.

You still get frustrated with things and will throw a little fit, but we try to refocus you on something else and it works most of the time.

You understand when we ask you something. (Where’s your car/water/lamby? Sit down. Come here. Etc.) We’ve included you with things like throwing something away, giving Scully a treat (you just throw it at her. At least you don’t try to eat it!), walking to your bedroom to go to bed instead of carrying you. And exploring the house without us hovering over you all the time. (Don’t worry, we don’t let him out of our sight for very long.)

I changed up my work schedule so I can spend more time with you. Dad needs a break to get work done and I miss you! And, guess what? I love it! You and I just hang out and play all day.

Time flies, baby Jules!


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