My favorite age for babies is 3-9 months. They can’t yet walk, so they’ll really only get into trouble with things in an arm’s reach. They (hopefully) sleep through the night. They can hold their head up, so I feel more comfortable man-handling them during diaper changes and play time. 3 months has also been the magic marker when my wife goes back to work. So whether I want to or not, that baby is going to be in my hands quite a bit more now.

Many have asked me how I get work done at home with the baby at home with me. For my part, I only work part-time. It would be near impossible to work a 40 hour week with a baby at home and still maintain a relationship with my wife.

For the baby’s end of the bargain, the key is sleep.

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When I started writing regularly, I thought much of my content would relate to what it’s like working at home, part time, with kids at home. My oldest has been in daycare for the last two years, so it’s been easy-street as far as working from home is concerned. This changed recently when my daughter was born, and more importantly, when my wife returned to work. So it’s time to revisit what it’s like having a newborn at home.

I’ve discussed sleep deprivation before in regards to the 24hr Website Challenge. Sleep is an important thing to me and I can’t stress this enough: nothing can prepare you for the sleep deprivation you’ll experience with a newborn baby.
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This article’s concepts should be considered independent from the layout of your business: whether it’s a sole-proprietorship, partnership, LLC, etc. We’re only talking about how you file your taxes. This article is also geared towards freelancers, subcontractors, and small companies.

Schedule C

For most people getting started on their own, there is the “Schedule C.” You pay your 15.3% Medicare & Social Security, plus your income tax quarterly, and hope everything works out on tax day. This is a great way for anyone to feel the “pain” of how much you actually pay in taxes. It can hurt so much that you’ll wonder if there’s a better way, and there is. Enter the S-Corp.
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It’s about time I addressed the enigma that is working from home. My friend once called me around 1PM to tell me about the amazing 3D dinosaur movie he was watching on his new 3DTV. I said “aren’t you supposed to be at work?” He simply stated that he was working from home. That’s not working from home, that’s what I like to call “watching a movie.”

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