Research shows that humans like variety. But we also relish the routine. It’s sometimes good to have a regular schedule so we can “get into a groove.” This goes for children and adults alike. While I enjoy the occasional personal day off, sometimes I wish I could just escape the constant barrage of wind chill, blizzards, partially recognized holidays, influenza, and streptococcus that this season has wrought upon us.

Sometimes I just want a normal 5 day work week (or two) to get s#*t done.

While this list is partly an exercise in self-serving historic proclamation, it may also serve as notice to anyone who works at home, has kids, and is simultaneously trying to maintain their sanity. My son goes to day care at a facility that is part of the school district. So when school is closed, day care is closed as well. These are days that really grind all work to a halt.

Here’s a chronicle of exactly how far back the irregularity in my work-from-home schedule goes, sorted by week:

Dec. 9, 2013 – I got the flu. I was the first recorded case of Influenza A at my clinic. Not a statistic I’m proud of.

Dec. 16 – Despite the doctor’s recommendation, I still traveled to Nevada for WordCamp Vegas. Besides losing work to sickness, I added travel on top if it.

Dec. 23 – Christmas

Dec. 30 – New Years

Jan. 6, 2014 – School canceled Monday and Tuesday by the Minnesota Governor due to dangerously low temperatures. If you watch the news video, you’ll also get to see the snow sculpture that is up the street from my house.

Jan. 13 – On Tuesday I had a doctor’s appointment at a clinic 25 minutes away. I left 45 minutes before I needed to get there, but it took 1.5 hours. I drove all they way in 1st or 2nd gear on the freeway. I lamented the fact that I probably could have made it there and back faster if I had traveled by bicycle. Jessi remarked that it would have been slower with the trailer, since my daughter was with me.  Even being an hour late, the doctor saw me, but I had pretty much spent my entire morning stuck in traffic.

Jan. 20 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, school canceled on Thursday due to dangerous weather conditions.

Jan. 27 – School canceled Monday and Tuesday due to low temperatures and wind chill.

Feb. 3 – No school on Friday for staff development.

Feb. 10 – ONE WEEK OF NORMALCY AMIDST A SEA OF CHAOS. Truth be told, Monday was just as cold as any of the other school closure days, but the district is out of available make up days. Sorry kids, get a hat!

Feb. 17 – Presidents Day on Monday and then a school closing on Friday due to weather. Thursday night rain turned to sleet, which turned to heavy snow which turned to huge amounts of blowing snow. The snow plows were able to remove the top layer of snow only to reveal a thick layer of ice beneath:

Friday morning rush hour (the smart ones stayed home)

Feb. 24 – Jules got strep throat 🙁 Will the madness ever end?!?

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