Marlo at 3 Months

I think most changes in a baby happen during the first three months. You went from a cuddly, sleepy, tiny little baby to a smiley, laughing, wide awake, screaming (but still little) baby. You can hold your head up, you eat your hands, you talk and laugh, you kick your legs and scoot across the floor, and you recognize me, daddy and Jules.



Your new thing is chilling with your hands behind your head.

With all the great things you do, there are some not so great things. Sleep is your enemy. You really struggle with sleep. Of course that means we all struggle with sleep. I’m glad I took an extra month off. We’re trying to get you used to sleeping in your crib for naps and we will eventually put you in there at night. But for now, having you close by – in our room – makes life a little easier for the nights you wake up every 2-3 hours. For most nights, you sleep about 6 hours then another 3 hours after a snack before you’re up for the day. I’m not too worried; we’ll all be sleeping more soon.


You’re finally, FINALLY outgrowing newborn clothes. Last week you gained 3 oz. You’re up to 9 lbs. 8 oz. Jules at this age was over 12 pounds. I’ve been eating more fatty foods (lots of avocados!) to help you put on some weight. But really, I’m not concerned. You’re happy and growing, just petite. And that’s ok.

DSC_0779The “missing one baby sock” look.

We’ve survived 3 months, Marlo!


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