Can’t Wait til Next Weeked

Sunday night, I told Justin “I can’t wait til next weekend!” He yelled “Why?”

“So I can do nothing!”

Actually, I had a very restful weekend and yet I got a lot done. I sewed up a new purse (which I’m going to put in my shop) along with a bunch of fabric. I organized my fabric closet and found some that I just have no use for. So off to sell them.

I also altered a pair of co-workers slacks. It was interesting because I had never altered a waistband. But I think they turned out great. I rule! Except I forgot to bring them in. I kinda rule.

Justin and I saw some movies. It was weird to rent them, something we haven’t done in a long time. We watched Children of Men on Saturday night. Overall a great movie but much too deep for me on a casual Saturday night. Then to continue the trend of dramatic entertainment, Sunday we watched Babel. Again, great movie, drama all around but this one I could handle. I recommend both movies.

And if I haven’t mentioned this to every person I’ve seen over the last month or two, my braces come off today. I’m excited mostly cause I’ll be able to eat an apple whole. Oh ya, and that they’ll be straight and purty. That too.

Of course I don’t have pictures of anything listed above. But I figured after the beautiful photo of the El Bomba for a week, I’d spare you any imagery. My mom thanked me for posting something to move it down. So you’re all welcome!


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