Business Cards Beware

You know you’ve done it. At your favorite Mexican restaurant, sandwich shop, even at the movie theater. You drop your business card into the fish bowl hoping to win that free beaner, turkey sandwich or that matinee. But months go by with no word. You can’t understand why, they have your phone number even your e-mail address. But you just have to keep paying for that beaner.

Then one day, you get a call. You’re a little thrown off by it. “How did you get my name and number?” Then it hits you. You’ll never win that turkey sandwich but you just won yourself a recruiter call! Who’s the big winner here? You are with a potentially great job from Citigroup! Oh thank heaven they called me at work asking me if I was looking for something in the management field at one of their many new locations. Because you know, I’m a video designer (it says so on my business card) and sales is pretty close to what I’m doing now. I’m not entirely sure if Adan Saldana, 672-0645, knew what a video designer was, but I’m sure it meant that I was management material.

Yes, I’m bossy and I enjoy being in control of directionless people, but not at this stage in my career. Give me another year. He told me that his associate, Leo Gilaine, gave him my card. Leo knows a lot of people. I don’t know Leo and it’s not possible that I would know Leo. I only give my business cards out to some friends and family. I have a box of 500 cards. What else is a video designer supposed to do with them? “Here’s my business card Grandma, if you ever need help with something.” Um, my grandma doesn’t even know how to turn on the computer. So helping her ‘video design’ isn’t going to happen.

But Leo knew that I was smart and bright. Of course I am! He wrote that on the back of my business card, according to Adan. Flattered, I took his name and number and told him that “I’m confused” and offered to call him back later. I think I’ll call him back demanding my free beaner. Actually, it was a sub.

Sidenote: This call did happen at work. Adan made sure he said my name numerous times, like a good sales person does (except it’s not Fo-eell, Adan). And it took some freaking out time after the call to realize that Jimmy John’s Sandwich Shop was the culprit. The one and only time I dropped my card in for a free yummy club lulu, I got this call. So please, keep those cards to yourself. Or at least your friends and family.


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