In my other XPS 13 DE Settings post, I linked to an article about mouse lag that helped my Microsoft 3600 mouse behave better.

Last week I noticed it started acting up again 😔 so I revisited the problem. My previous settings had apparently been wiped out with my upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04. But in my search I found some other settings that might help.

I’m applying both the settings from this post and my previous one, as I feel like the settings in this post additionally help smooth out mouse wheel scrolling.

From this bug report you can also change the latency settings for your bluetooth (BT) mouse. I found it easiest to execute these commands as root so I could use tab completion to navigate the bluetooth mac addresses:

The BT device info file is at /var/lib/bluetooth/<BT adapter MAC>/<BT device MAC>/info.

So I type vi /var/lib/bluetooth/<TAB>EF<TAB>info to get to the right file.

vi /var/lib/bluetooth/90\:78\:41\:CA\:1E\:02/EF\:E5\:F1\:99\:EA\:24/info

My file started out with these default ConnectionParameters:


I changed those values to:


Then I restarted the BT system with systemctl restart bluetooth

Hopefully this quick tip helps you iron out the kinks with your MS 3600 BT Mouse!

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