My wife has recently been looking at scratch & dent auction items on a site called It’s a midwest based auction site that handles everything from estate sales to scratch & dent returns.

She has purchased several things from it including:

  • Fancy AF™️ dance bag
  • Bed frame
  • Cat wheel
  • Dishes

Her latest item is something that could be a game changer in multiple ways. It’s a GE Profile Combination Washer/Dryer with Ventless Heat Pump Technology. We both wanted this thing for two different reasons:

  1. For her: Combination washer/dryer (it does both)
  2. For him: Heat pump drying – efficient electric drying that only needs a 120v outlet

This thing is getting a lot of press. We watched several of these videos and decided even if we didn’t win the scratch & dent model, we’d still get it.

But she won the bid and we saved at least $800 over a new one. The dent? It’s in the back where no one will ever see it. Win-win.


One thing to note is it’s a huge bitch. It’s 300 pounds and almost 4-feet tall. I had to rent a refrigerator dolly to get it down the stairs and into the laundry room. Where-as my old washer and dryer could be moved fairly easily with two people and no dolly 💪

Once the unit is wrestled into place, hook-up is a cinch. Attach the hot and cold water hoses, strap the drain hose to the laundry tub, and plug it in 🔌

Other features good & annoying

The “smart” connectivity stuff I could give or take. I found it annoying when it sent me my first push notification: fabric softener is low 🙄 It was like the 21st century version of this:

One feature I do like is the detergent dispenser. It’s similar to how you add “rinse aid” in a modern dishwasher… dump the whole bottle in and let the machine tell you when it’s out. It might be handy for the app to tell me about the detergent and forget about the fabric softener.

Any drawbacks? It’s a little louder than I expected, but not annoyingly so. Probably the same as our old standard machines, it just makes a different kind of sound so we’re just getting used to it. Definitely not like new dishwashers where you wonder if they’re running or not because they’re so quiet 🤫

Laundry of the future

I had heard about heat-pump dryers at Fully Charged Live San Diego when I went in September last year. Who knew that a year later we’d have one – the future is indeed now!

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