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Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Time: 5:45-7:30PM (leave at 6PM promptly)
Start/End: Fridley Northstar Station west side – East River Rd. & 61st Ave.
Route options: 5 miles (or less), 10 miles (route map)

As part of Bike/Walk Week Twin Cities, I’m organizing an evening ride on the Mississippi River Trail in Fridley. This trail advertises “10 states, 1 river” as it goes from the Mississippi headwaters at Lake Itasca near Bemidji, Minnesota all the way down to the Mississippi delta and the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana.

MRT Fort Snelling
Photo courtesy of Erik Johnsen

It will be a family friendly, leisurely ride. I will probably have my 3 year-old son in tow. The grade is pretty easy the whole way, minus some short dips down to the water line and back.

We’ll leave from Fridley Station on the west side by East River Rd. & 61st Ave. If it’s more convenient for you to arrive on the east side by University Ave. & 61st Ave., don’t fret! There’s a convenient underground pedestrian tunnel that goes under the railroad tracks between the east and west parking lots.

We’ll head out promptly at 6PM and go south along the MRT towards the Minneapolis Water Treatment Plant. Riders can turn around at any time if they’d like to ride less than 5 miles as the first part of our ride is simply out-and-back.

Then we’ll head back to Fridley Station to complete the 5 mile route, so those riders disembark. For those who want to continue on the 10 mile loop, we’ll continue north on the MRT.

We’ll turn west on Osborne Rd. and maybe stop for an ice cream cone. Then it will be south on University until we hook up with the Rice Creek West Regional trail which will bring us back where we started.


We had a good turnout of 10 riders for the first (annual?) Fridley Bike Tour.

Riders had questions about certain landmarks which I wasn’t fully prepared to answer at the time, but I thought I’d cover them after-the-fact.


Alternate Route

Instead of following the Mississippi River Trail up East River Road to Osborne, our riders opted to ride the more scenic & secluded Rice Creek Trail.  You can see our actual route from our GPS track.

Let me know what you thought and hopefully we can make this recurring event!

10 thoughts on “Discover the Mississippi River Trail north of Minneapolis

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    • Sounds good. The MnDOT website could use a revamp. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I build functional websites for a living 😎

  2. Hi Justin – great to hear you had a good turn out for your ride. We just completed the MRT from the Headwaters to New Orleans. It was a fantastic experience and we thoroughly enjoyed the Minneapolis area. What a bike friendly city! If you are interested in our route, please feel free to check out our blog

    Happy cycling!

    • Awesome, it sounds like you had a great time! A local gentleman nicknamed “The Weasel” chronicled his ride from Minneapolis to New Orleans. I’m sure much of his route was spent on the MRT. You can read his story starting here:

      You both have probably become subject matter experts on useful touring equipment: panniers, tents, sleeping bags, stoves, etc. It would be great to see it amassed somewhere for anyone that’s considering a multi-day self-supported tour.

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