Rally cars are amazing. If you boil it down, they’re basically suped up cars you would see on the road. And they can jump!

There’s a small but loyal group of rally R/C enthusiasts that have seen a number of RC rally cars come and go over the years. For me it began with the HPI RS4 Rally, originally released in 1998. Continue reading

Not everyone has the time, money, or permission to build an insane RC track in their backyard.

Mostly because of wives, home owners associations, neighbors, etc. 🙂 But up here in America’s snow boot, anyone can build a temporary off-road track out of snow instead of dirt.

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Installing a Rustler bumper upside-down on a 2wd Slash is a popular option for creating an on-road or rally style bumper cheaply and easily. Many people that have customized their Slashes for drag racing, rallying, or top-speed runs are already doing this. I got the idea from the Traxxas Slash Modified group on facebook – one of the most helpful (and positive) resources out there. I wanted to document the steps and parts I used to do create mine for a rally car conversion. Continue reading
Like RC Adventures (RC Sparks) I live in a cold weather area – the grey, blustery north that is Minnesnowta. This winter, rather than only driving at indoor tracks, I wanted to conquer the elements with a usable setup for bashing outside with our 2wd Slashes. My son Jules’ Slash is already set up with a set of 2.8″ Pro-Line Trencher tires ala AMain’s Monster Slash setup. To give us the ability to mix-and-match, I followed DJ Medic’s lead by purchasing some 2.8″ Pro-Line Masher tires: Continue reading