I’ve tried adding an upgraded battery to my son’s Scout CX in the past, but it’s designed to only accept the tiny 70mAh batteries it comes with. After upgrading my Inductrix to a larger power connecter, I had two donor batteries to experiment with… So I took my old Inductrix battery lead and made a lead extension.

To connect it to the Scout, I popped the female micro-JST connector out of the landing gear, so the battery could be inserted as far as possible.

I connected the extension to the dangling JST connector, inserted the stock Inductrix 150mAh battery into the landing gear backwards, then connected the other end of the extension to the battery.

One end of the harness was part of a Y-harness originally purchased for my Tiny Whoop. The Tiny Whoop drew too much power from the extremely thin wires, but it didn’t have problems with power delivery to the Scout. This may be attributed to the Scout only having to power 2 motors versus the Inductrix’s 4.

The added weight was a different matter… Despite the bigger battery and connector adding less than 3 grams of weight, it completely changed the flight characteristics of this little bird. Hovering was now at about 85% throttle. Most maneuvers required 100% throttle in order to avoid hitting the ground.

Flight time was increased (maybe doubled), but completely at the expense of the experience. It was a lumbering bird, no longer a graceful one. Ham fisted controls were required to keep it in the air. It was a fun experiment, but we’ll be going back to the stock setup for shorter but better flights. We’ll just keep a couple of extra 70mAh packs on hand so we can keep flying.

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