Actually my plane was in Drew’s vlog earlier this summer. If you don’t subscribe to his channel on YouTube, you should.

He was at Flite Fest East and flew his quad in the one combat session I dared enter. My plane is a white FT Flyer with blue stripes on the leading edge of the wing, along with American flags on the wings and vertical stabilizer 🇺🇸 It was also sporting a streamer that day 🎉

Here’s his video:

The FT Flyer makes a quick cameo at 0:45 and close to the end right before he crashes into a foamie.

Avoiding the cold

You can see that same Flyer in this video during the first minute and a half:

This video is from this winter’s first dome-fly, hosted by the local electric flying club, MARCEE. If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and would like a place to fly this winter that is 50°F instead of 5° – check out their schedule here or at their website. Hope to see you there!

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